noun, Veterinary Pathology.


1.  any of various skin diseases caused by parasitic mites, affecting animals and sometimes humans and characterised by loss of hair and scabby eruptions.


2.  a poorly illustrated web comic by Sean Thornton-Mills, published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday since June 2016.


The Cast


Hello, my name is Steve!


I'm a fun loving Sagittarius who enjoys long walks on the beach and cuddles. My perfect date would be April 25th, because it's not too hot, not too cold and all you need is a light jacket. My favourite film is Miss Congeniality. I work in an office with enthusiastic people but my ultimate life goal is to work somewhere with a free bar.


This is Ray.


Ray is Canadian, but as our artist knows nothing about Canada other than what he learned from Due South, I don't expect this to feature heavily. Ray is my best friend. He was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met him, but has since resolved his gender identity issues. He looks a lot like me, because 'artist' might be stretching it a bit.


This is Helen.


She is a lady and can be identified as such by her skirt and feet. Helen only ever wears a skirt, because our artist isn't talented enough to draw ladies in any other way. This suits Helen as she has a fine collection of pretty skirts. Helen likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. She is ambivalent about champagne.


This is Bob.


His full name is Sexually Baffling Bob. He also looks a lot like me but can be distinguished by virtue of generally having his penis in something inappropriate. Bob likes Helen. Helen is disgusted by Bob. Bob has a dog called Sevastopol. Nobody knows why Bob's dog is called Sevastopol.


This is Bee Keeper.


First name Bee, last name Keeper. He is a beekeeper. He keeps bees.

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